Round Betty Wheels

RoundBetty Dino Wheel
Round Betty Dino Wheel

Dejay is the Australian distributor for Round Betty wheelchair wheels.  Years of experience in wheelchair manufacture and service have shown us the importance of balance to chair users: balance of lightweight materials and strength, balance of comfort and stability, balance of affordability and durability, balance of stance and manouevrability.

Round Betty ‘Dino’ wheelchair wheels are a well-balanced wheel: ultra light weight, with the strength needed for everyday use.

Through its use of proprietary aluminum tubular spokes the ‘Dino’ wheel has unmatched pushing characteristics.  The responsiveness of the ‘Dino’ will improve your pushing dramatically, allowing you to roll faster and longer than any other wheel on the market.

These wheels respond in the fashion that a high performance, everyday wheel should: seamlessly.  You will push more quickly without expending more energy.

The tubular spokes are available in nine custom anodised colors.  Our low spoke count allows easy access through the wheel as well as substantially reducing overall weight.   Adding further strength to the wheel, the hubs are milled from a solid piece of billet aluminum.

RoundBetty Wheel features
Round Betty Wheel features


Download a Brochure

 Roundbetty-Dino-brochure power wheel chair 003 Krabat Sheriff You can download the Round Betty Dino brochure by clicking here.  To read this brochure, you need a PDF viewing program like Adobe Reader which you can get free here.



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