Convaid Metro Stroller

Convaid Metro Stroller
Convaid Metro Stroller

The Metro is a transport chair with an integrated contoured seat and reinforced back. The chair is fixed in 30º tilt and has a 3-point positioning belt, contoured reinforced back, adjustable swing-away footplates and toggle wheel locks.

  • 30° fixed tilt
  • Portable – folds like an umbrella stroller
  • Adjustable trunk support for superior comfort and positioning
  • Lightweight and compact – fold and go!
  • Economical transport chair and pediatric stroller
  • Crash tested transit model available

The Convaid Metro is a transportable light weight wheelchair with the convenience of being able to be folded compactly for transport.  It weighs only 8.2 kg (18 lbs)  and folds to the size of a small golf bag.  The mobility aid’s key features provide increased comfort and support for children and teens who lack upper body strength and trunk control.  The Metro special needs stroller is a lightweight and compact folding portable wheelchair with an adjustable seat to back angle, and height adjustable, swing-away footplates.

The Convaid Metro mobility aid is available as a crash tested, transit model with motor vehicle tie-down brackets.  Convaid transit wheelchairs have been extensively tested for use aboard school buses and other forms of public transportation. A s a result of this extensive testing, we meet and in most cases exceed performance requirements for pediatric wheelchairs and special needs strollers.

The  Convaid Metro chairs offers superior portability and dependability.  This model is frequently recommended by Physical Therapists and other healthcare professionals as the highest quality pediatric wheelchair.  Contact Us for more information regarding our lightweight wheelchairs and special needs strollers.  We stock a wide range of Convaid folding portable wheelchairs and pediatric strollers available for children with special needs.


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