Whitmyer Headrest

Whitmeyer Headrest
Whitmeyer Headrest

The Whitmyer range of head support systems offer a variety of pads and sizes to suit each individual’s needs and to cater for simple comfort. A number of mounting options are available to allow a wide range of adjustment and positioning possibilities while being durable and cosmetically appealing. All components are mounted on a ball and socket to allow optimal positioning for the individual. Included in the range is a number of anterior and lateral support components to achieve more complex positioning.

  • Paediatric and Adult Headrests
  • Anterior and Lateral Support Components
  • Cuddles Infant head support system
Headrest Description Sizes Available
PLUSH Single Pad Headrest System

  • Utilises a dual density foam layer on a contoured curved panel.
  • Pads are easily adjustable and accommodate changes or inconsistencies in body positioning.
  • Unique “cupping” shape provides posterior support with a high degree of comfort and safety.
  • Basic headrest is suitable for tilt
  • Larger sizes are suitable for individuals with behavioural issues & active movement disorders.
8”, 10”, 14” and 19”
Contoured Cradle Head Support

  • Unique anatomic shape which is generically designed to cradle the occiput and provide lateral cervical support.
  • A single rotational collar adjustment allows positioning for maximum support surface contact.
  • Suitable for individuals with fair head control
  • Can achieve some correction or accommodation of mild lateral flexion/muscle tone issues.
Small Medium Large
S.O.F.T. Single Sub-Occipital Head Supports

  • Provide occipital and proximal lateral cervical support via a single curved sub occipital pad.
  • More generically shaped and allows for less involved adjustments while still providing some sub-occipital support.
  • Includes an occipital pad with independent anterior/posterior movement and flared tabs to assist with midline return.
  • Suitable to correct or accommodate for mild lateral flexion.
4 sizes
S.O.F.T. Three pad Head Support

  • This system helps solve the most challenging head positioning issues.
  • Patented three pad device combines two width and rotationally adjustable sub-occipital pads with an adjustable occipital pad for independent anterior and posterior movement.
  • The adjustability of the individual sub-occipital pads allows adjustment to accommodate for or correct asymmetrical postures and deformities.
  • Pad configuration supplies maximum occipital and proximal lateral cervical support for individuals with high support positioning needs while maintaining high levels of comfort.

Anterior and Lateral Support Components

A range of anterior and lateral support components can be added to each Whitmyer system to assist individuals with more complex positioning needs and to provide users the opportunity to access switches.

Lateral Facial Pads

  • Correct or block lateral flexion deviations, abnormal reflexes and/or rotational patterns
  • Can be used to supply general support surfaces for switch mounts above the cervical level.
  • New Mini Joystick Mount to facilitate placement of joysticks.
  • Rearward mounting hardware provides a pivot point for the pads to swing out of the way during transfers or when not in use.
  • Curved ball rods allow placement of pads around the head laterally or anteriorly.
  • Includes 7 uniquely shaped pad sizes to ensure the ability to match the pad with each individuals needs.
Anterior Support Components

  • Provide anterior support to individuals who require greater assistance to maintain head control than can be achieved with a standard headrest.
  • Options available are static or dynamic forehead strap, or a dynamic cap.
  • Excellent for individuals with low tone, forward flexion patterns or those who require an upright head position for medical and safety reasons.
  • Ideal for use with task orientated activities such as maintenance of head position during feeding or school lessons.
  • Can also assist in swallowing and achieving an open airway.
  • Allow individuals to maintain functional movements with support as the system relies on a pulley system which follows the person’s movement.
  • The Static forehead strap also allows functional movement but provides perimeter support to limit the range of forward and lateral movement.

Both anterior and lateral support options are available on all Whitmyer head support systems so that each individual’s functional needs can be met without compromising comfort and positioning.

Cuddles Infant Head Support System

  • Designed to offer infants the same quality and adjustability of head support as the larger three pad systems for children and adults.
  • Available in single or three pad configuration
  • Sized for functionality that is appropriate for infants where early intervention may help prevent or reduce the progression of head position and cervical deformities.
  • Paediatric size mounting system
  • Covers with colourful baby prints to make the system more child friendly.
  • Available with anterior and lateral support options to increase the support and positioning of the head.

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