Mulholland Adaptive Seating

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Mulholland Adaptive Seating Components are designed for mounting onto solid seats and backs. The components are strong, easy to use, and come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Components available are as follows:


Abductor Assembly

Abductor pommel available in flip-down or bayonet (pull out) styles.  Width and depth of pommel easily adjusted.

Mulholland Abductor Assembly
Mulholland Abductor Assembly


Lateral Pads

Lateral pads to keep hips adducted, and to maintain the hips in a central position within the seating system. Sizes are customised to the individual, and brackets can allow for the pad to be offset in over the seat cushion.

Mullholland Lateral Pads
Mullholland Lateral Pads


Pelvic Positioners

Ideal for strong extenders or sacral sitters, rigid pelvic positioners are designed to grab under the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine) of the pelvis. Swing-away design. Pelvic positioners ensure that the client is always correctly placed within the seating system.

Mullholland Pelvic Positioners
Mullholland Pelvic Positioners                                                           Left: Flip-up Seat Mounted            Right: Diagonal Swing Back-Mounted for “T” Backs


Thoracic Support Assembly

Swing-away design, straight or curved pads available in a large variety of sizes.  Custom sizes are also available.

Mullholland Thoracic Supports
Mulholland Thoracic Supports                                                  Left: Side Release for Rectangular Backs Right: Front Release for “T” Backs


Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads are designed to provide safe shoulder girdle control and to facilitate shoulder retraction. They provide anterior and rotational control without having any connecting device cross over the chest, which could, if the pelvis is not secured, cause asphyxiation. Axial Swing Shoulder Pads rotate up to the side, while Diagonal Swing Shoulder Pads swing up and away at a 45-degree angle.  Both allow easy access, and feature independent anterior, posterior, lateral, and radial adjustments.

Mulholland Shoulder Pads
Mulholland Shoulder Pads   –   Left: Axial Swing Shoulder Pads    Right: Diagonal Swing Shoulder Pads


Halo Assemblies

Halo assemblies are designed for comfortable head support when some assistance with head control is required.

Mulholland Halo Assemblies
Mulholland Halo Assemblies – Left: Flip-Up Halo    Centre: Flexible Halo    Right: Flip-Up Head Pads



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