Dejay Wheelchair Seating Service

Dejay can offer a complete wheelchair seating service to provide a fully customised and individualised system for our clients.  Each individual system is designed to contain all the appropriate support components required by the user to maintain their optimal seated position.

Our Technical staff are on hand to provide technical solutions to any wheelchair/ seating requirements, especially for those with complex seating needs.

Dejay use quality hardware and seating components from AEL, Varilite and Whitmyer to build seating systems that are not only functional and easy to use, but have growth built in.

Dejay Adaptive Seating is suitable for most new or used rigid or folding wheelchair frames.

Dejay Seating Service operates as follows;

  • An appointment is made for one of our 3 Occupational Therapists to carry out a trial, at a time and venue to suit the attending Therapist and the client / client’s family.
  • The attending Therapist will complete an appointment information form, prior to the appointment, providing measurements and pertinent details about the clients’ seating requirements. This ensures that we come equipped with the appropriate equipment for trial.
  • A discussion will take place at the trial with the client, family and attending therapist regarding seating requirements and any customizations needed.
  • A quote will be provided for the Adaptive Seating System and wheelchair base of choice.
  • Once an order has been received, a re-measure may be required in case the client has grown or changed.
  • The seating system is built, and a trial is arranged, before the seating system is upholstered, in case any minor modifications need to take place.
  • Any modifications required are then carried out, the upholstery is completed, and a delivery and final fitting is arranged.



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