AEL Adaptive Wheelchair Seating

AEL (Adaptive Engineering Lab) supply quality, attractive, easy to use hardware and components which can be incorporated into any Adaptive Seating System. There is a wide range of options in terms of the style, colour and upholstery material. We highly recommend a Dejay seating assessment to ensure that you source the most appropriate components for the individual. A brief outline of the components and hardware available is as follows;


AEL Wheelchair Headrests

Designed for both comfort and support, AEL offers a choice of 3 styles of pad; tri-pad with optional forehead strap, curved headrest and soft headrest. Low profile design allows the person to be seen rather than the headrest. Choice of removable or flip-down headrest brackets in a variety of styles.
Lateral Supports

AEL Wheelchair Lateral Supports

Curved or straight pads in a variety of sizes and upholstery choices. Large choice of brackets will ensure a perfect style and fit for each individual client. Brackets are easy to use and can be a swing-away style, slide adjust or clamp slide release.
Belts, shoulder and pelvic positioners

AEL Wheelchair Belts Harness

Large variety of 2 and 4 point hip belts, and contoured harnesses which can be incorporated into your adaptive seating system. A rigid swing-away shoulder support system is also available.
Abductors and adductors

AEL Wheelchair Abductor

Two abductor shapes to choose from; oval and wedge, in a large number of sizes to suit. Combined with a choice of abductor brackets; swing-away, lever release, or horizontal or vertical release. Posalinc clamp on knee adductor pads, and brackets ensure hip alignment with a great overall appearance.
Arm and foot accessories

AEL Wheelchair Arm Foot Accessories

A range of foot and ankle positioners, foot boxes, calf panels, and arm support / trough options to complete any custom built seating system. Variety of sizes to suit children through to adult clients.
Seat and back mounting hardware AEL offers a range of easy to use, seat and back mounting hardware, and seat to back hinge options, to suit the needs of the individual client.


Download Brochures

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AEL Wheelchair Headrests Brochure

AEL Wheelchair Laterals Brochure

Belts & Harnesses

AEL Wheelchair Abductors Adductors Brochure AEL Wheelchair Foot Accessories Brochure
Headrests Laterals Belts & Harnesses Abductors / Adductors Foot Accessories

To read these brochure, you need a recent version of a PDF viewing program like Adobe Reader which you can get free here.  If you have trouble viewing the brochure (for example if it requests a password), make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.


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