Power Wheelchairs

Users of our power wheelchairs report many things that they are delighted with. These include the high levels of comfort, adjustability, performance, quality, reliability, safety and manouevrability. What's even more important is the sense of independence that they get from owning our power wheelchairs.


Quantum 1420

Mid-wheel drive power chair with numerous rehab options.

Quantum Dynamo 1107

Paediatric mid-wheel drive power chair, with countless options and accessories.

Quantum Q600

The Quantum 600 allows 6 wheels on the ground for maximum stability without compromising performance .

Quantum Q610

The Quantum Q610 is for users who require a compact and stable design and tight-quarter manoeuvrability with high levels of   adaptability.

Quantum Q6000

The Quantum Q6000 delivers unmatched performance and tight space manoeuvrability while delivering limitless rehab capability.

Quantum Q6000z

The Quantum 6000Z utilises Mid-Wheel 6 design to optimise excellent outdoor performance with nimble indoor manoeuvrability.

Quantum R4000

The innovative, compact design of the Quantum R4000 makes it highly maneuverable in tight spaces without sacrificing traditional rear-wheel drive performance.



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