Smik YTI Wheelchair

Smik YTI Wheelchair
Smik YTI Wheelchair

The YTI wheelchair is our original everyday frame to which we have added front and rear  suspension as an option.   Custom built in T6061 aluminium the YTI offers a lightweight chair with a choice of frame styles to suit individual requirements.  Careful attention is given to the correct selection of rebound suspension polymers to ensure that the ride quality of the YTI delivers one of the smoothest rides in town without the loss of forward propulsion.

All YTI chairs are offered in a wide range of colours, your choice of wheel sizes and  combinations, your choice of folding or fixed backrest, your choice of slung seat upholstery or a seat pan.

The Smik YTI is Australian Standards approved.

Smik wheelchairs are designed and custom built in Australia.


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