Smik Fixed Wing Wheelchair

Smik Fixed Wing Wheelchair
Smik Fixed Wing Wheelchair

Kept simple for those who know what they want:  As the name implies the Fixed Wing is a fully welded frame with no adjustment, built for those who know exactly what they need in a wheelchair frame.
Simplicity or ‘no frills’ is the hallmark of the frame, keeping it light and strong.  The Fixed Wing is a minimal frame offering custom seat heights, back height and angle, front angle and width.

The Fixed Wing comes standard with the new Frog Legs mono tyne castor fork complete with billet alloy castor wheels fitted with wide soft roll tyres.  Replaceable blade skids (or rear frame
protectors) are also fitted to help with vehicle transfers.  Slung upholstery,  scissor brakes and ABS skirt guards complete the picture.

Smik Wheelchairs are designed and custom built in Australia

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