Mulholland Growth Guidance System

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Mulholland Growth Guidance System
Mulholland Growth Guidance System

One of the most effective postural positioning chairs available featuring tilt-in-space and infinite growth adjustment. The GGS is Australian Standards approved and is suited to the most difficult paediatric clients. As the chair is prescription built for each child, the GGS offers flexibility in adjustment and positioning options to allow for each child’s functional skills. The design of the chair, including a flexible back bar system means that the child can move and extend and then return to their original position. All GGS components are quick release and swing away to allow easy handling of the child in and out of the chair. The vinyl seat allows for easy maintenance and cleaning and the system is also backed by a 3 year growth guarantee.

Note- Toddler size is crash tested, Youth size is strength tested and durability tested.  Complies with Australian standards.

Standard features include:

  • 3 sizes available- toddler, youth and junior
  • Foot pedal operated tilt including 10º of anterior tilt, 35º posterior tilt
  • Angle adjustable backrest
  • Growth adjustable sling upholstery
  • Shoulder keepers, thoracic supports
  • Height adjustable push handles
  • Removable seat for transport
  • Folding base
  • Transport approved

Additional options available:

  • Kyphosis sling
  • Halo
  • Fixed or angle adjustable tray
  • Elbow pads
  • Sun canopy
  • “K” feeding pump holder
  • Hip belt
  • Safety harness for transportation
Specifications Toddler I Youth II Junior III
Base width 23” (59cm) 25” (64cm) 27” (69cm)
Base length 25” (64cm) 26” (67cm) 28” (72cm)
Weight of base 6.3kg 9.1kg 10.4kg
Weight of seating 10.4kg 12.7kg 14.5kg



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