Litestream Wheelchair

Litestream Wheelchair
Litestream Wheelchair

With a unique, rigidising double X-frame, bi-directional leg rests, 56 seat sizes, and dozens of performance-enhancing features and options, the Lightstream XF can be fully customised to meet the unique requirements of the individual user.


* 12.25kg product weight
* 113 kg weight capacity
* 39-49cm (front) and 37 – 49.5cm (rear) seat heights
* 14-21″ seat Width and 14-20″ seat Depth, in 1″ increments
* 12-16″ or 15-19″ back heights
* 20″, 22″, or 24″ rear wheels, quick release, spoked or mag
* Push-to-lock, pull-to-lock, or scissor brakes
* 4″, 5″, 6″, or 8″ castors
* Swing-around, height-adjustable, tubular or drop in armrests
* 70 degree, bi-directional drop-ins, or elevating front rigging
* Flip-up, standard depth, or angle-adjustable footplates
* Anodised aluminium, plastic coated, or projection hand rims


* Rear anti-tips adjustable in length to accommodate the adjustable rear seat-to-floor heights
* Drop-in side guards
* Amputee axle mount
* Adjustable tension back

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