Krabat Sheriff

Krabat Sheriff
Krabat Sheriff

Krabat Sheriff is an active children’s wheelchair designed for indoor use. The child is seated on a saddle seat, which separates the legs from each other. The abducted sitting position along with the footrests provides a stable position for the child’s pelvis, and reduces the need for upper body support. A spread sitting position provides many physiological benefits.

Krabat Sheriff is an easy-to-wheel indoor wheelchair, which due to its light weight is also suitable for children with impaired arm function.  A compensation mechanism is available (optional equipment) that makes it possible to operate the wheelchair one-handed.  Because of its cambered wheels (camber angle 12.5°) and its light weight, it has great precision and can easily be manoeuvred.

The brake handle is assembled right at the front of the saddle to make it more accessible to users and assistants alike.  The brake handle locks both wheels and can be operated with one hand only.  Little strength is needed to turn the brake on and off.  The seat is designed so the pelvis does not slide out of the correct position.  The spine maintains its natural curvature. The seat and back of the chair can accommodate a SWASH orthosis for children  who require this.   The textile materials are durable and machine washable. Stains can easily be removed with a cloth.

Krabat Sheriff is suitable for children with a variety of diagnoses, and it is highly adaptable. The angle of the seat and backrest, and height and position of the footrests can easily be adjusted to find the optimum sitting position.  All angles and positions can be set infinitely.  The angle of the seat can be adjusted while the child is sitting in the chair. Each footrest can be individually adjusted. A hip belt and footrests with straps are included as standard equipment.  A tipping protection device is also standard.  A waistcoat and seat belt can also be delivered as optional equipment.  To fully benefit from the wheelchair, the child should have some stability for the trunk of his/her body, however an independent sitting function is not necessary.  The wheelchair is available in one size only and is suitable for children up to 5 years.

Krabat Sheriff is a chair for activities and social participation.


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  You can download the Krabat Sheriff brochure by clicking here.  To read this brochure, you need a PDF viewing program like Adobe Reader which you can get free here.



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