Kids Up Kids Rock Active Wheelchair

Kids Up Rock Active Wheelchair
Kids Up Kids Rock Active Wheelchair

The Kids Up KIDS ROCK Chairs are configurable Rehab Tilt Push Chairs that allow dynamic movement. Available in sizes ‘Kids Fast’ and ‘Kids Rock 2’ and ‘Kids Rock 3’.

Concerned with keeping children seated properly. Kids move continuously and they can often move right out of the proper seating position.  Kids UP has designed an active seat that moves when the child moves. We help them stay in the right position, no matter how active they are.

Kids love to move. The ROCK Active is fun for the child, and makes the parent and therapist happy as well.

Action Features:

The Kids ROCK Chair enables the child to stretch at the hips and knees while maintaining proper postural alignment. When the child relaxes, he or she returns to the proper position. Spring tension can be added if additional resistance is needed. Numerous accessories and options are available to fit the child and provide positioning support and freedom of movement

Tilt in Space: The ROCK Chair rotates around a point near the center of gravity providing stability and keeping the chair low to the ground

Easy adjustability: One tool adjustability for growth and positioning components.

Dynamic suspension: Built in shock absorbers. Range of movement and motion resistance are available.

Folds for Transport: Back canes fold down and rear wheels have quick release pins.

Multiple positioning components: Accommodates many positioning options

Kids Up Rock Active Wheelchair
Kids Up Kids Rock Active Wheelchair



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