Gunnell Rehab TNT

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Gunnell Rehab TNT Wheelchair
Gunnell Rehab TNT Wheelchair

The Rehab TNT is a larger version of the Kidster frame and has many similar features. The frame can be configured to any seating system to accommodate clients requiring varying levels of support. As the design has infinite adjustments a frame can be tailored to each individual’s size while still offering a large amount of growth.
Standard features include:

  • Heavy duty frame and parts
  • 45º posterior tilt and 15º anterior tilt
  • 40º of seat to back angle adjustment
  • 15-23” seat depth adjustment
  • Multiple castor options
  • 16-22” frame width with built in adjustment
  • 4” of seat to floor height adjustment
  • 7” of push handle height adjustment
  • 3 choices of leg-rest position
  • Anti-tippers
  • Choice of two armrests
  • 12”, 20”, 24” rear wheels
  • Lifetime warranty on base

Additional features available:

  • Low shear elevating leg rests
  • Wheel lock extension handles
  • Quick release axles
  • Power assisted tilt
  • Skirt guards
  • One arm drive
  • Folding seat to back mechanism
  • 75º recline

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