Manual Wheelchairs

Dejay offers a carefully selected range of quality manual wheelchairs.  Click on the name of each wheelchair to view more details.


Smik Buzzz

The Smik Buzzz is a pediatric wheelchair, the smallest growth wheelchair manufactured by Dejay and is designed to provide comfort and independent mobility for the small children.

Smik Folda

The Smik Folda is a custom built, Aluminium, folding manual wheelchair with many optional features.

Smik Joey

The Smik Joey is a fully prescription built, lightweight pediatric wheelchair.

Smik Joey Recline

Our most popular pediatric chair with the added feature of a reclining backrest.  We can offer up to 60° of recline in 15° increments chair users who need a tilt-adjustable backrest.

Smik Phoenix TIS

The Phoenix is a tilt-in-space (TIS) wheelchair, designed and built in Australia for the Australian market.  It offers an unprecedented amount of tilt range and frame adjustment.

Smik YGC

Youth Growth Chair that offers a custom built manual frame with custom built seating.

Smik YTI

The YTI wheelchair is our original, durable everyday frame to which we have added front and rear  suspension as an option.

Smik Titan

A tilting frame wheelchair designed specifically with the user in mind, the Smik Titan is a heavy duty chair for adolescents and adults.


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