Mulholland Babywalk

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Mulholland Babywalk
Mulholland Babywalk

The Mulholland Babywalk is a walking frame that has been designed to provide walking mobility for children from ages 7 months to 3 years.

Research has shown that the self-initiated exploration and child’s interaction with his/her environment made more possible with equipment like the Babywalk, is an important component of social and cognitive development.

Like all Mulholland Positioning Systems, the Babywalk has been designed by an engineer, and is hand-made with high quality materials. Mulholland frames have a reputation for lasting years past their intended use.


  • Swivel 80 mm Castors with swl locks
  • Length adjustable frame
  • Tilt adjustable column
  • Pelvic & Thoracic Sling
  • Sit Bar
  • Head Pad


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