Meywalk 4

Meywalk MK4 Mini, Small Medium and Large
Meywalk MK4 Mini, Small Medium and Large

Meywalk 4 offers the user a higher quality of life by allowing participation in everyday activities, and to be able to make conscious decisions.

The Meywalk 4 suspended spring system stimulates the muscles and movements associated with a natural gait pattern. The upper part of the frame follows the user’s movements and provides optimal support during the various phases of gait.

A new feature on Meywalk 4 is the dynamic saddle seat which also follows the users movements. The rubber suspended saddle seat allows a certain degree of hip rotation during gait, the seat follows the sideways movement of the hips. During the movement patterns the user is always brought back gently to a neutral starting position.








  • Anti-tip supports
  • Height reducing kit
  • Hip pads with trunk pads
  • Leg guides
  • Trunk pads

Meywalk MK4 Mini Small Brochures

Meywalk MK4 Medium and Large Brochures