Walking Frames

Buddy Roamer

A posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility.

Flux Walking Aid

A posterior walking aid which promotes upright posture and natural walking movements.

Meywalk 2000

Available in mini and small, the Meywalk 2000 features spring-suspension that helps natural gait development.

Meywalk 4

A range of four different sized walkers, the Meywalk® 4 is has a weight-tailored spring-suspension that helps natural gait development.


Paediatric walker for children 1 ½ to 7 years. Consists of saddle seat, spring suspension, thoracic support ring, and wheels suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Snug Seat Gator Gait Trainer

Paediatric posterior gait trainer. Variety of options available which can be added and subtracted as the child learns the skills involved in walking.

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