Buddy Roamer™Walker

Buddy Roamer
Buddy Roamer

A posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility, the Buddy Roamer™  has an ergonomically designed frame which supports the user’s body weight while allowing him/her to walk independently.

The Buddy Roamer™ has been specifically designed to meet the array of mobility needs of mild, moderate and complex users.

The standard Buddy Roamer™ provides safe and comfortable positioning utilising:

  • Adjustable pelvic supports and hip guides
  • Adjustable chest Lateral supports
  • Central positioning bar

It is completely open to the front to provide the child using it better accessibility and mobility.

With no frontal obstruction to interaction with other people, objects or activities, the Buddy Roamer’s design allows the child to have hands-free interaction with his/her surroundings..

The frame has been developed so as to allow easy access through doors and down hallways while maintaining excellent stability for exploration.


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