Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitters


The Soft-Touch®  sitters are comfortable yet supportive seating solutions that are latex-free, seam-free, peel-resistant and impermeable to fluids. They are soft to touch for comfort, but also durable and hygienic as they are made of anti-microbial material. The Soft-Touch Sitters are easily cleaned with common disinfectants and so are great for use with multiple children.

  • Assist in promoting proper head, neck and trunk alignment
  • Can be attached to a standard chair with attachment straps
  • Can be attached to the optional Tilt wedge or Mobile tilt wedge
  • Maximises total body comfort
  • Available in 5 sizes

New Colours available mid-2017

Download a BrochureSpecial-Tomato-Soft-Touch-Sitters-Brochure You can download the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter brochure by clicking hereTo read this brochure, you need a PDF viewing program like Adobe Reader which you can get free here.


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