The Headpod gives a child the opportunity to move within their plane of strength and on towards the goal of independent head control.

It provides the child with a “real world” visual field. Can be used during feeding. For many children, use of the Headpod will reduce hyperextension of the arms often seen as a child attempts to raise their head without adequate head control. If the arms are not required as a pattern to lift the head, the hands are available for functional use.

The Headpod can help reduce fatigue as the child no longer struggles during their day to maintain an upright head.

The Headpod fastens easily to a variety of headrest systems on a child’s adaptive stroller, wheelchair or stander. Easy to clean, lightweight and removable when not in use.

Who is it for ?
Headpod is the best solution for children between 2 and 12 years unable to sustain the weight of their own head owing to weak neck muscles (low muscle tone). This happens for example in some types of cerebral palsy and any illness or syndrome causing hypotonia of the neck muscles. Being a dynamic system, the result of Headpod depends on several factors, and that is why in children over 12 years, and especially
adults, the success rate decreases with a greater the head weight and deformities and abnormalities that have developed over time.

Headpod is not recommended for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Scierosis (ALS) owing to the severe dysplagia that is usually present. It
is not recommended for use with children or adults with a great deal of extensor tone, with a tendency for hyper extension of the neck or
trunk, or those presenting musculoskeletal deformitoies such as cyphosis, scoliosis or severe contractures of the neck muscles.

Headpod brochure

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