Therapy Aids



Headpod is a dynamic head suspension system for people with loss of head control due to hypotonia in the muscles of the neck.


Special Tomato Height Right

Stylish, comfortable, adjustable seating at home or school. Great for feeding, and table top activities, for children of all ages.


Special Tomato Liners

Special Tomato Soft Touch Liners provide affordable, portable and versatile positioning.


Special Tomato Booster Seats

Special Tomato Soft-Touch® Booster Seats provide height and pelvic stability with sacral and lateral thigh support.
Affordable, customised seating with built-in growth adaptability, offering Tilt-in-Space with child in seat and floor to table height adjustment.

Special Tomato MPS

Soft, lightweight and durable modular seating with individualised adjustment. Designed to offer proper positioning support in all environments.


Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitters

Positioning seats for use with children. The sitters are latex-Free, peel resistant and impermeable to fluids.


Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray

With height and angle adjustment this activity tray comes in two sizes and four tray colours.


Special Tomato Soft Touch Therapy Wedges & Rolls

Therapeutic rolls and wedges that are seamless, latex free, and peel and tear resistant.  Great to aid in adaptive position, balance and muscle tone control.


Special Tomato Potty Seat

The Special Tomato Potty Seat provides convenient comfort with soft, comfortable support


Meyland Discover Crawler

The Meyland Discover Crawler encourages your child to start crawling which facilitates exploration of the environment and enhancement of motor skills.

Meyland-Smith Soft Helmets


Meyland-Smith Soft Helmets

Soft protection helmets for children and adults.


Dejay Change Tables

Adult and junior change tables with electric height adjustment and lifting capacity of up to 200kg.


Dejay Tilt Tables

Single and dual action tilt tables powered by whisper quiet electric actuators with foot switch controls.

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