Mulholland Rocket Standing Frame

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Mulholland Rocket Standing Frame
Mulholland Rocket Standing Frame

The Mulholland Rocket stander can be used as a prone, supine, or upright stander, and can be adapted for postural drainage. Consists of a folding base for optimal transportability, footcups and straps, kneepads, hip and trunk supports, sternum pad, and angle adjustable tray. Designed to allow standing as close to peer height as possible, allowing greater peer interaction. Toddler and Youth sizes available.

Options available:

  • Supine neckrest assembly
  • Shoulder keeper assembly
  • Postural drainage support assembly
  • Neckrest support system for prone standing

Specifications Toddler I Youth II
Max. user Weight 22.7 kg 34 kg
User Height Range 60.9 – 104 cm 91.4 – 127 cm
Overall Stander Length 67 cm 82 cm
Overal Stander Width 56 cm 56 cm
Frame Colour Red Red



Please Note: Standing frames should only be used under the instruction of a medical professional who should stipulate recommendations for the user's standing program and any medical precautions. Standing programs should be monitored by the attending therapist. Dejay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd and its suppliers have policies of continual product improvement and reserve the right to change features, availability, specifications, and prices without prior notification. Please speak with the Dejay team to confirm current specifications and availability.

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