Mulholland Prone Standing Frame

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Mulholland Prone Standing Frame
Mulholland Prone Standing Frame

The Mulholland Prone stander is designed for individuals requiring a prone or vertical standing system that offers precise postural control. Allows for graduated weight bearing for more normal tone distribution and stability around the hip joint. Stimulates head righting, selective extension of spine, midline use of the upper extremities, and forearm weight bearing. Fully adjustable in three sizes; Toddler I, Youth II, and Junior III.

Options available:

  • 5 way adjustable foot supports
  • Neckrest support assembly
  • Shoulder pad assembly
  • Angle adjustable tray


Toddler I

Youth II

Junior III

Max. User weight

13.6 kg

22.7 kg

55 kg

User height range

60.9 – 104 cm

91.4 – 127 cm

117 – 157 cm

Overall length

69 cm

82 cm

103 cm

Overall width

55 cm

62 cm

70 cm

Frame colour






Please Note: Standing frames should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional who should issue recommendations for the user's standing program and any medical precautions. Standing programs should be monitored by the attending therapist. Dejay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd and its suppliers have a policy of continual product improvement and reserve the right to change features, availability, specifications, and prices without prior notification. Please speak with one of our staff to confirm current availability and specifications.

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