Easystand Zing

Easystand Zing MPS

The EasyStand Zing is a range of paediatric standing frames with groundbreaking frame design and an extensive range of options that further distinguish it from all other paediatric standers.  Individual leg abduction is possible, up to 30 degrees in each leg, the multi-adjustable tray is angle-adjustable and swings away either side while still remaining attached to the frame. Leg length discrepancies and hip and knee contractures are accommodated with multi-adjustable foot plates, independent adjustable calf pads and multi-adjustable knee pads.

The EasyStand Zing’s modular design helps ensure the optimum stander configuration is available for every child.   Adjusting the Zing is done easily without tools, which makes standing in the Zing easier, which also improves compliance with standing programs.

There are six models in the Easystand Zing range:

  • Zing MPS Size 1
  • Zing MPS Tilt Table
  • Zing Supine Size 1
  • Zing Supine Tilt Table Size 1
  • Zing Vertical Size 1
  • Zing Prone Size 1

Please speak with our staff about which Zing model and options will est suit your child’s needs.


Download a Brochure

easystand-zing-brochure You can download the Easystand Zing brochure by clicking here.  To read this brochure, you need a PDF viewing program like Adobe Reader which you can get free here.

Please Note: The use of standing frames must be supervised by a medical professional who should also advise on the user's standing program and managing any medical precautions. Standing programs should also be monitored by the attending therapist. Information is correct at time of publishing, however Dejay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd and our suppliers have a policy of continual product improvement and so reserve the right to modify features, options, availability, specification and pricing without prior notification. To confirm current availability and specifications, please consult a Dejay team member.


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