Easystand Evolv Glider

Easystand Evolv GliderEasystand Evolv Glider

The Easystand Evolv Glider is an active stander that provides reciprocal movement of the arms and legs while standing.  It provides active range of motion of the hips, knees, and ankles while strengthening the upper extremities. Great for cardiovascular training, active stretching, strength and conditioning. The Glider configuration includes a small tray and chest pad, glide handles, adjustable resistance cylinders, flip-up kneepads, and adjustable footplates.

Options Available:

  • Flat or contoured low back rest
  • Flat or contoured high back rest
  • Secure foot option
  • Thoracic supports
  • Hip supports
  • Chest strap
  • Universal lateral support receiver


Height Range

5’0” – 6’2”


Weight Limit



Seat Depth Range

16” – 21”

41 – 53cm

Seat to footplate range

16” – 21”

41 – 53cm

Seat height from floor



Weight of basic unit



Desk table size

21” x 24”

53 x 61cm

Base Dimensions

24” x 33”

61 x 84cm

Please Note: The use of standing frames requires the guidance of a medical professional who should make stipulations and recommendations for the user's standing program and advise on any medical precautions. Standing programs should be monitored by the user's therapist. Dejay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd and our suppliers have policies of ongoing product improvement and we reserve the right to modify or alter features, availability, specifications, and prices without prior notification. Please speak with a Dejay team member to confirm current features, availability and specification.



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