Buddy Postura

Buddy Postura
Buddy Postura

The Buddy Postura is a versatile 4 in 1 standing aid that provides secure postural support at a wide range of inclines. The minimal frame and ergonomic design facilitates peer level interaction while the open design means there are no obstructions to interaction.

Interaction, play and learning
Standing at the same level as others promotes interaction and play. By using a tray, specific learning objectives can also be achieved with
easier communication.

Standing helps to improve self-esteem, confidence and alertness. It can also lead to a better sleep pattern and increased responsiveness.

Bone Development
Weight bearing through standing or walking helps increase bone density and aids formation of the hip joint at an early age.

Improved Motion
Standing allows muscles to stretch fully which leads to improved range of motion while reducing spasticity and also helps prevent contractures.

Internal Systems
Standing improves breathing by allowing the diaphragm more room to expand. Breathing in and out more deeply increases oxygen intake
which in turn leads to improved circulation and better blood pressure. Trough a combination of factors standing aids digestion, improved bowel function and provided better urinary drainage.


  1. Adjustable lateral supports
  2. Telescopic chest pad
  3. Individually adjustable knee supports
  4. Individually adjustable foot plates
  5. Lockable swivel castors
  6. Locking gas spring
  7. Adjustable tray – prone or supine
  8. Adjustable head support – prone or supine
  9. Folding


Measurements Size 1 Size 2
cm inches cm inches
User height 70-140 27-55 70-140 27-55
Chest Width 15-23 6-9 21-36 8-14
Hip Width 15-23 6-9 21-36 8-14
Max User Weight 50kg 110lbs 50kg 110lbs
Unit Size 500 x 580 Folded 580 x 940 unfolded


Buddy Postura brochure 2

Please Note: Standing frames should only be used under the instruction of a medical professional who should stipulate recommendations for the user's standing program and any medical precautions. Standing programs should be monitored by the attending therapist. Dejay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd and its suppliers have policies of continual product improvement and reserve the right to change features, availability, specifications, and prices without prior notification. Please speak with the Dejay team to confirm current specifications and availability.

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