RibCap – Cheesy Kids

RibCap is a modern looking soft protective helmet for you kid(s) in need of an epilepsy helmet, autism helmet, or a general seizure helmet.

The specially integrated fleece keeps the head warm in addition to providing head protection against any injury for an entire day.

Excellent soft protection helmet for:

  • Reducing impact during autism head banging
  • General autism, epilepsy and seizure helmet
  • Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy and reduced mobility disorders oncology
  • Soft helmet for special needs and other disabilities
  • Everyday head protection
  • Soft protection for active kids and adults
  • Prevention from bumps and bruises
  • Use as a soft helmet for non high risk activities
  • Recreational ice skating, hiking…
  • Head injury recovery
  • Reduced stability and mobility
  • Staying active and feel secure
  • Use as a fall injury management device
  • Seniors with special needs and other neurologic disorders.

RibCap Cheesy Kids is 50% merino wool/50% acrylic outside and fleece on the inside. 

Available in: KIDS – Red. 3 sizes available: Mini 47-49cm, Midi 50-52cm or Maxi 53-55cm

Unique Features include:

  • Soft protection headgear
  • Unique shock absorbing foam integrated in all models
  • foldable
  • chip strap
  • washable
  • all season wear