The revolutionary bean seat support system from SOS is suitable for all ages.  Ideal for use in the living room, school and the home care environment.  The P-Pod is the only beanbag system styled seating system with postural support.

The unique patented ‘P’ Pod design combines a symmetrical or custom moulded seat pod within the simplicity of a conventional bean bag base for accurate posture management.  Also gives the client that spends most of their day in a wheelchair a chance to spend time out of their wheelchair and relax with excellent postural support.

Growth liners can be fitted to the ‘P’ Pod to accommodate growth, prolonging the life of the product.

The ‘P’ Pod is lightweight and easy to move around the home.  It can be used with hoists.  Quilted covers available in a range of bright colours are easily removed for cleaning.

‘P’ Pod has a range of options and accessories including lap tray, freestanding tray, growth liners, flip-over headrest, foot bolster, embroidery, mobile base, tilt-in-space base, activity frame.