Nessie is a multi-positional device which allows disabled children to be positioned effectively during postural stimulation therapy.  This enables proactive positioning and encourages functional movement, particularly important in the early years for disabled children.

Nessie can be used as a positioning aid in the living room or during posture stimulation and Rebound Therapy.  It creates a safe environment to encourage functional sitting.  It promotes the key positions of play therapy including:

  • Supine (lying on your back)
  • Prone (tummy time)
  • Long sitting
  • Side lying
  • Side sitting
  • Crawling ‘on all fours’
  • Straddle sitting (horse riding position)

It is light enough to be carried but heavy enough to be stable.  Ideal for travelling therapists.  Removable covers for easy cleaning in a range of bright colours.  It is available is 4 sizes and is suitable for babies to young adults.