Headpod is a dynamic head suspension system for people with loss of head control due to hypotonia in the muscles of the neck.

The Headpod gives the user the opportunity to move his/her head within their plane of strength and on towards the goal of independent head control.  It provides the user with a “real world” upright visual field.

For many users, Headpod will reduce the hyperextension of their arms (often seen when people attempt to raise their head intermittently without adequate head control).

Headpod can also reduce fatigue, as the user no longer struggles to hold his/her head upright during the day.

The Headpod fastens easily to a variety of headrest systems on strollers, wheelchairs or standers.

Please Note: Headpod is not for use in car or bus transport.

Benefits of Headpod:

  • Helps the user maintain an upright position of head and neck allowing movement and rotation, improving the development of the muscles of the neck.
  • Easier for eating and drinking for the user.
  • Prevents deformities, contractures, and pain associated with both.
  • Gives the user better visual communication with people and better observation of his/her surroundings.
  • Helps the user achieve a balanced posture and a more relaxed muscular tone with less dystonia.  This helps with activities like physical therapy, speech therapy, education, occupational therapy.
  • Better breathing, reduced likelihood of respiratory complaints caused or aggravated by poor head/neck position
  • Helps improve hand-sight coordination.
  • Decreases drooling.
  • Improves ergonomics for user and caregivers.

Recommended for ages 18 months through to adult.




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